Pinpoint accuracy without any unnecessary excavating

Video Inspection & Recording

With a state-of-the-art camera system, we can look inside the line to assess any damage. We then can use a jetter or cutter to break any roots, ice, mud or other debris away. The high pressure water is safe on pipes while removing objects at the same time.

Jetting out a clogged pipe 22' underground.

Top-of-the-line Equipment

Camera and locate underground lines to diagnose the problem, locate lines electronically underground to the exact location and depth, to help minimize yard damage and cost. Our high-pressure water jetter cleans tile from 3"-12".

Possible Problems
  • Moisture in the basement
  • Sanitary backup, coming through floor drains
  • Downspout overflowing
  • Flooded Yard
Our Solution

Camera lines to find the problem. If a blockage is found, we can clean the tile with a high-pressurer water jet. If a break in the pipe is found we can locate the exact location to be excavated to repair the break.